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UC Mini 2016; Specially Designed For Entry-Level Smartphones

As far as mobile browsers are concerned, UC Browser of Alibaba Group Company deserves a special mention. This is one of the fast browsers, probably the fastest among all. In a recent speed test, UC Browser was declared faster than Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox – two most popular browsers. The credit goes to the latest innovations and technology being used in the app. The app gets updated as often as possible. These updates make sure that the app remains always on the top of the list.

Customers remain the king and everyone is important. We speak about the various devices people are using. Some are better while some are not up to the expectations. It is never possible that everyone uses smartphones of similar quality. You cannot even imagine the same browsing speed on a device with two different networks.

There are various factors that affect the smooth functioning of a device. Performance is based on the build quality. Devices with huge RAM and superior features are likely to perform well. But being costly, these devices are not affordable to all. So they are forced to pick an entry-level smartphone.

Major disadvantage of entry-level smartphones is that they lack space. RAM will be cheap. The storage will also be limited. In such a phone if you are downloading a big-sized app, then the performance is likely to fall again. The best thing you can do is to minimise the number of apps. Another option is to pick light apps.

UC Mini 2016 is an Android app. More precisely speaking it is the light version of UC Browser. As its name suggests, the app is a mini one which requires remarkably low space on device. It uses latest technologies to load pages faster. The web pages are converted to light app before it loads. This makes it easier for pages to load.

The app also uses data compression technology. This helps users save their data. In that sense too, this app does remarkably good. Hope you are familiar with UC Browser and the superior features of the app. You can enjoy all those superior features in UC Mini 2016 app as well.

The key difference between the browser and mini browser is its size. As always, UC Browser is very quick to load pages. Now UC Mini is even quicker to load pages. We recommend you to try this if you are using only an entry-level smartphone. You can also choose it if you are running short of data!

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