UC browser mini old version free download for android – 2016

UC Browser Mini Old Version; Enjoy Faster Browsing

UC Browser Mini 2016 is one of those lightest mobile browsers across the world. This makes it ideal for all devices and especially for those devices with low storage and limited RAM sizes. The RAM is very important for any smartphone as it is closely associated with the processor. In fact, the RAM initiates the tasks. How good a processor be, it cannot perform well if it is not supported by a good RAM. This is the reason why the handset developers are making phones with up to 8GB of RAM.

Here we speak about UC Browser Mini old version 2016. This light browser offers decent performance by loading images and graphics quite faster than any other browser. The browser supports visual multi tabs inside the gallery. It also supports multi touch pinch to zoom in images for a closer look.

Users can bookmark any URL for easy reference at a later period of time. This remains another major advantage. The browser perfectly knit animation effects while browsing.Night mode and Facebook mode are two other major highlights of this browser. While night mode makes it convenient for the user to read at night, the Facebook mode helps users access the most popular social media site with ease.We wonder whether any other browser makes it that simple.

Studies prove the night mode to be helpful in reducing the eye-strains. As a result, users won’t feel tiredness or irritation on their eyes. They can enjoy better health of their eyes.UC Browser Mini 2016 Old Version is not only a health conscious browser but also aneconomic oriented app. You wonder how this possible? Here is it.

UC Browser Mini app uses the latest technology and other data compression technologies. As a result, you can save a huge amount of data while browsing. The browser follows a simple principle as ‘the more you browse the more data you save.’Hope you don’t want any explanation on how costly is your data.

You are downloading images and videos from the internet. In addition, you also download apps and APK files. Where do you store all these? Or how do you manage all these downloads? Here UC Browser Mini Old Version has a perfect download manager to handle all these tasks. With this feature, you can handle your downloads at its best. To enjoy all these amazing features, all you need to do is just download UC Browser Mini by visiting http://www.ucbrowserdownload.in.

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