UC Browser for Watching Movie Online and download movies

UC Browser for Watching Movie Online; Enjoy Unlimited Fun

Videos remain a great medium of entertainment. The recent reports say that over the past couple of years, video consumption has grown by far and wide.There is a huge jump for online video consumption from 49% to 65%. The figures are set to shoot higher and higher in a country like India where the internet users have crossed 400 million. It is estimated that by 2020, entertainment industry will touch 2,260 billion with videos holding a major share of it.

Ever since the arrival of smartphones and mobile phones, video consumption is always on the hike. Industry reports that over 50% of video consumption come from mobile devices. There are things which affect the video consumption. They include higher data charges, low speed internet, and more. UC Browser, one of the fastest browsers, help users watch videos and movies online.

You can select any movies of your choice and watch them online via UC Browser. This is one of the best apps where you can watch movies online. YouTube remains the top video destination.Facebook videos are also gaining more popularity these days. Now if the internet is slow, you cannot enjoy videos on these top sites. But if you are browsing them on UC Browser, this won’t happen. You will be able to see movies and videos without any buffering.

No Buffering

UC Browser uses latest technologies in the app. They also use data compression techniques which help you save data as well. Apart from helping you save data, it is important to note that it improves the loading time. Any video or movies will load in seconds.

Some interesting facts to know about video consumption in India

  1. In India, there are 54 million unique video viewers. Every user watches 65+ videos on average. Similarly, a user watches videos online for over 430 minutes on average.
  2. YouTube holds 58% of video consumption share. With 34% Facebook stands second.
  3. 65% of videos are consumed on mobile devices.
  4. 56% of people preferred downloading videos on their devices.
  5. 85% of users prefer short form videos.
  6. UGC (videos generated by users) are watched more on mobile devices (28%) than laptops (20%).
  7. Comedy is the most popular genre. It holds 60% of share.
  8. People of India prefer watching videos online especially when they are on the go.

These are some of the quick facts about video consumption trends in India. Whether you are moving or staying at home, you can watch movies and videos of your choice. Hope there are more reasons for you to download UC Browser for watching movie online.

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