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UC Browser for Vivo; the Best Assistant for the Brand to Beat Global Giants

Launched in the year 2009, Vivo has become one of the most popular handset makers across the globe. The brand came to India in 2014. The brand also started its operations in South East Asia in the same year. Creating a milestone, it was in 2014 that they got into a partnership with National Geographic. Now if the company had grown step by step till then, it leaped once they started associating with sports events like Indian Premier League. Their growth also boosted downloads of UC Browser for Vivo phones.

Latest of Vivo’s sponsorship is for the upcoming two FIFA World Cup events. The first of which will be hosted by Russia next year. Heading to the number one spot among browsers, UC Browser is all the more happy to launch dedicated browser for each of Vivo smartphones. We always look to offer the best of its kind browsing experience to each user without any consideration to the phones they use.

UC Web Inc., the parent company that produces UC Browser, wants people to enjoy faster browsing. We have been inventing technologies to enhance the browsing experience. With the incorporation of latest technologies, we have become successful in delivering faster browsing. We have tested and got the results. Comparing to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer; UC remain the fastest browser.

UC Browser for Vivo phones is not anything new. We have been designing dedicated browsers for every handset maker including iPhone, Samsung, Oppo, Nokia, Microsoft, and Xiaomi among others. The plan to have dedicated browser for each brand has helped the browser gain more market. As per reports, we are now the third most used browsers across the globe. In India, Indonesia and China, we are the third most popular app after Facebook and WhatsApp.

How to download

Wonder how you can download UC Browser! The browser, being very light, is easy to download and it takes only few minutes to complete the entire process of downloading and installing. You can visit UCBOROWSER for the same. Click on the download button available on the site.

Now with the latest launches, it web version also is available. For using it for your PC, select the version of your operating system and click download. Know how to click on a button? Downloading UC Browser is as simple as that! Download UC Browser for Vivo and start enjoying an ad-free browsing experience.

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