UC Browser download for Karbonn mobile

UC Browser for Karbonn Lets You Save Data, Enjoy Faster Browsing

uc browser for carbon phoneWhat device do people use for browsing? If a few years ago, desktop held major market share in browsing, now the situations have changed. As per independent online stat visitor tool Stat Counter over half of the browsing occurs on mobile. To be precise, mobile holds 51.79% of total browsing share. Here we share a few advantages you will be able to enjoy with UC Browser for Karbonn. If you are using any Karbonn device you will find perfect browsing partner in UC Browser for sure.

Why UC Browser is popular in India?

The answer is simple– due to its superior features. UC Browser was launched in Indian the year 2004. Most importantly, this browser was launched as a mobile browser. At that time there weren’t many mobile browsers in the country. Any major browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome did not take mobile browsing as a serious one at that time. This also paved UC Browser a way to emerge as most popular mobile browsers in India.

Ever since its launch, Opera and Opera mini browsers remained its major competitors.Still now the competition is on but UC has grown ahead to others with its superior features. Let’s check some of them.

Better browsing speed: UC Browser offers comparatively good browsing speed. You can enjoy the same speed even on 2G network as well.

Data Saving: There are special features on the browser which helps users save data.The more you browse, the more data you save. How good and interesting is that?

No-Buffering video streaming: Buffering is something that kills your video experience. On UC you won’t see buffering when streaming your favourite videos on YouTube or any other video platforms.

Facebook mode: You have a special feature for enjoying Facebook on your device. This dedicated feature improves your experience when you use this most popular social media platform.

Night Mode: There is a special mode for reading at night. This feature reduces strain of your eyes when using smartphones at night.

Why dedicated UC Browser for Karbonn

Karbonn produces various models falling into various categories like premium, mid-range and budget. Each model is different in power and performance. You can find UC Browser for each of these devices. This will improve the overall performance of your device. Browsing becomes more efficient and you enjoy better speed. Then why wait to download UC Browser for your Karbonn device?

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