UC Browser for Facebook

UC Browser for Facebook: Enjoy Faster Loading and Quick Access

Which is the most popular social media platform? This question has only one answer Facebook. The social media major have nearly touched two billion active monthly users. Reports released by Facebook, they have 1.94 billion active users per month as of March 2017. Everyday 1.28 billion people log on to Facebook. Out of this 1.15 billion people access the social media giant from their mobiles. This shows how important both Facebook and mobile traffic.

For a normal man, it is now impossible to think of a life without Facebook. Starting from the moment he (or she) gets up from bed to the last moment before sleeping, one uses Facebook for watching entertaining videos, posting status updates, and most importantly to stay connected with your friends and relatives. It also functions as a media source delivering you all latest news and headlines. We do not touch the various e-commerce options it offers this time but will surely touch on them in anarticle at a later period of time.

How fast is your Facebook app? Does it load as quickly as you want it to be? We have heard many people groaning over the speed of Facebook app. Yes, it is (at least for some occasions) not fast enough. Now UC Browser has solved this issue by launching a special mode for Facebook. The mode helps load Facebook faster and quicker. You will have a better experience. This is guaranteed and you can check it for yourself.

What is Facebook mode?

Facebook mode is dedicated for the social media giant. It helps load the most popular social media platform quickly. This mode is extremely useful at times when no WiFi access is limited or when data networks are slow. You may not experience much difference when browsing this site on a speedy network or have quality WiFi access.

The mode loads Facebook app faster. In addition, the home page icon gives you quick access. All what you need is to click on the icon and it loads instantly. Remember UC Browser is the fastest browser. It performs far better than other browsers. As per analytics, the browser uses 80% less load time. So when you put together the fastest browser with most popular app, you get the best experience. So why wait? Download UC Browser today from http://www.ucbrowserdownload.in/ and start enjoying your favourite apps.

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