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UC Browser for iPhone; Powerful ad blocker, mini video window and more

uc browser for iphoneApple’s iPhone remains the most favourite and popular premium smartphone around the world. The brand is also very popular in the sub-continent India as well. Now with the latest launch of UC Browser for iPhone, browsing experience on the best smartphone is going to touch incredible feats. The browser, launched primarily as a mobile browser, has now become one of the most used browsers.

To be precise, UC is now the third most popular browser after Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The China oriented browser is on their march to become the most reliable and used browsers of the world. Remember they had carved a niche for Android very early. Here we check out a few attractive features which are likely to help them gain a commendable space among iOS Browsers.

Key Features

AD Blocker: UC Browser’s ad blocker option offers users a unique browsing experience. The users will not be irritated by any ads which would pop up at times you least expect them or want them. In addition this feature is proven to improve browsing speed and efficiency.

QR Code Scanner: The browser comes with a pre-loaded QR code reader. This is good enough to read any QR codes. So you don’t need to download another QR code scanner app.

3D Touch APP Shortcut: You can directly dive into web searches or watching videos on YouTube by pressing UC Browser on the home screen.

Mini Video Window: This feature is good for giving you a unique video experience. You will never have to stop video or music for doing any other stuff on your phone.

Data Saving: UC Browser app for iPhone would help you save data up to 60%. How good is that! You will really appreciate this feature for sure.

Speed Mode: UC Browser uses latest technology which helps you save lots of data. This is done by compressing data. Similar to Android, the browser follows the principle ‘browse more, save more.’

Night Mode and Facebook Mode: These two modes are ideal for reading at night and surfing on Facebook. These are really good.

The features mentioned above assure the users better, smarter and faster browsing experience on your smartphone. Being very light, it is very easy to download. It takes a few seconds to finish the download. So why wait longer to download this browser and enjoy faster browsing. Visit downloading the app.

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