UC Browser for Spice mobile

UC Browser for Spice; Aims Big, Enters Into Partnership

In January 2017, China based Alibaba Mobile Business Group announced their plan to invest huge in India to strengthen their presence and market in the country. The primary focus was laid on UC Browser and its growth. With the announcement of investment plan, the company made it clear that they aim big. The company also had entered into partnership with Indian handset makers like Karbonn, Intex and Spice. UC Browser for Spice mobile phones was launched soon after the partnership agreement was signed.

Having partnership with three major handset makers like Intex, Karbonn and Spice; the UC browser is expected to improve its market share. Currently this is the third most used mobile browser in the country. India remains its major market. Indonesia and home country China are other two major markets of UC.

Spice is known for its budget smartphones. The company produces smartphones ranging from Rs. 2000 to above. This means they play a crucial role in giving internet access to those people who fall under the ‘low income’ category.

As the prices are low, we cannot expect them to perform as we expect. We need to have lighter and better apps for these kind of smartphones as they lack high internal storage. The RAM capacity too will be limited. The processors might not be as efficient as it should. So to compete all these challenges, there should be a great browser. And this is what exactly UC Browser for Spice does.

How UC Browser for Spice assures better pace?

If you have noticed in the Google Play Store, UC Browser is an app sized less than 10 mb. Yes, this is that low sized. This gives advantage to the smartphone user especially to those having phones with low internal storage and RAM. Lighter the app, faster it loads.

UC Browser uses latest data compression technology. This in turn helps users save lots of data while browsing on internet or watching videos. The more you browse, the more data saved- is the policy UC web follows. In addition, there are special modes for reading at night and for using Facebook. Night Mode and Facebook mode are they.

How to download UC Browser?

You can download UC Browser for Spice by visiting http://www.ucbrowserdownload.in. The download is simple and it takes only a few seconds to complete it. So why wait longer to enjoy the best and fastest browser on your Spice device?

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