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There are new earphones on Amazon today and you expect related advertisement on the website to be as good and useful app that you wonder to see the sites with relevant and initiated and more useful add. Chrome is the most popular browsers for desktop and mobile, chrome on Android doesn’t support and probably never will find the browser which ensures privacy and the adequate task of finding a browser which will ensure your privacy and protection serial there is anonymous Browser for Android considerably protecting your privacy. The Firefox browser is free software browsing with privacy protection and third-party trackers.

Some of the privacy protection include ice cat mobile which enables secure browsing on supported site. A third party in it private browsing mode can also measure the entry browser fingerprint. Besides that, the fox is also quite smooth and you can do your job without any hassle, or Fox can also protect your search history or stop anyone from accessing your location. Firefox is designed in such a way that you can automatically browse data including history or downloading history from the Google Chrome.

CM Browser is easy to get as it is the tiniest browser with the size of 2.9 MB. This browser has an inbuilt setting which warns you when you visit a potentially fraudulent website.

However, Firefox is restricted to regular one; Firefox is an open source project by Mozilla, through the Firefox you can watch inside the browser it is unlike Chrome which requires apps of a separate application. The Brave browser is the founder of Mozilla; this browser offers a variety of security and anti fingerprinting shield with Malware filtering.

There are many and numerous anonymous Browsers for Android, these browsers can protect you from being tracked got that is not 100 percent for sure. Therefore, it is very necessary to look into the browsing application before you start with the anonymous browser. Firefox is the biggest name in the game of anonymous Browser it is the standard browser in Android and most popular on the operating system, it is the best app for Android mobile and apps.

Category: app browser

Requirements:Android 4.0+

Version: (10438) for Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 14)

Update on: 2018

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