With over 400 million users worldwide, UC Browser is the most popular mobile web browsers in the world. The app ranks third among the most used mobile app in India, China and Indonesia after Facebook and WhatsApp respectively, a report by Quettra reveals. The apps were ranked on the basis of their total use hours in a month. As per Stat Counter, UC Browser is the largest third party mobile browser of the world in terms of monthly pageview market share.

UC browser APK app

No. 1 Mobile Browser

UC Browser APK is the No.1 mobile browser in China, India and Indonesia. The browser has strong presence in other countries and is growing day by day.

UC Browser 2017; Quick Facts

  • Latest Version: UC Browser 11.0.5
  • Updated on: April 27, 2017.
  • Compatible with nearly all Operating Systems including Android, iOs, Symbian, Windows, and more.
  • Available for over 3,000 models of 200+ handset manufacturers.

The latest version i.e. UC Browser 11.0.5redefines how users can access and discover content on a mobile browser. This latest version gives users remarkable freedom to personalize the app, the way they want while browsing or accessing contents on the web or watching movies and videos online. The app is compatible with nearly-all mobile operating systems including the latest versions of each of them. Users also have the options to download dedicated app according to their mobile phone’s brand and model.

Quicker Access, Ease of Navigation to Resourceful Contents

With a view to transform the way our 100 million daily users use our app, UCWeb brings in latest technologies and innovations to their mobile app. Users can access the contents they want very quickly and with ease. Navigation is very simple and user friendly. There involves nothing that is complex or difficult. Users get access to lots of resourceful contents from a single click from UC Browser’s homepage which is purely customizable.

Customizable Homepage

UCWeb offers options to customize or personalize the homepage. A user can set it according to the way they consume contents. For this, UCWeb depends on card systems like News, Sports, Cricket, Top Free apps, Opinions, Shopping, Trending videos, and more. Users can rearrange these in-app widgets based on their preference and pin (highlight) their most favourite one to the top. The card you pin will be the one you will see when you open the mobile app. So for a cricket fan, he can pin cricket card in the app to get all live score updates or to watch matches live.

Faster Loading Speed

Browsing on UC Browser is fast and quicker. Users get results for their search very quickly. For assuring faster browsing experience, UCWeb uses iconic cloud technology in UC Browser app. This technology helps it load faster, smoother and quicker. As a result, the users can experience better and faster browsing on their mobile phones.

Available Platforms

UC Browser app is available on nearly all platforms including iOs, Android, Windows, Java, Symbian, Win CE, MTK, Blackberry and more. Web version also is available. Users can download UC Browser for Android from the Google Play store and iOs app from Apple’s App Store. You can find download buttons at http://www.ucbrowserdownload.in as well.

Separate Apps for Brands & Models

UCWeb, the makers of UC Browser, follows a strategy that is really appealing to the users. The app is available for over 3,000 models developed by 200+ handset manufacturers. There are separate apps for every brand like UC Browser for Lenovo, UC Browser for Samsung, UC Browser for Oppo and so on. In addition, diving levels deep, UCWeb also develops apps for 3000 plus models like Oppo V5, Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy series, onNxt, Lenovo Vibe, and thousands more. This means you will be able to see UC Browser for Nokia C6 or C3 or any other models of the brand.

Top Features of UC Browser

UC Browser stands steps ahead in comparison to other mobile browsers. There are hundreds of features that help UCWeb to retain its top spot. Here we list out a few key features of UC Browser.

Customizable Cricket Cards: If you are a cricket fan who always look at the live scores or watch matches live, then this is the best app for you. No other browser gives you as many Cricket updates as UC does. The Browser displays nearly-all top cricket sites where you can find the scores or watch the matches live.

Quicker Downloads: UC Browser downloads quite faster and quicker. Thanks to the latest technology it uses! You won’t see the app buffering a lot. Neither will you get those error messages which you really hate. In addition, the browser helps save a lot of time.

Quick search: UC Browser supports quick search. Browsing is remarkably fast and the app gives you results for your queries in few seconds’ time. In addition, you can also experience buffering-free browsing experience.

Smooth User Experience: The browser gives smooth experience to its users. The user interface is simple and smooth and so users will face no hassle in browsing websites. You won’t see the app taking too much time or showing blank pages which keeps you waited till it loads.

Mobile Data Saving Feature: While surfing on mobile phone, data consumption is one of the major concerns of a user. UC Browser helps users save data by converting data in to a compressed form. Browse more, save more is the simple rule the browser follows.

Ad Block: As publishers everyone needs advertisements and they do let as many ads as possible. This goes irritating at times. The browser gives the option to block unwanted ads. So you get a better browsing experience.

Videos Browsing: The browser lets users browse and watch videos, movies and more. Videos are listed under various categories for making your search easier and simpler.

Facebook Mode: There has never been any app as popular as Facebook which is used by old and young people alike. The app is being used not only for status updates or uploading photos but also for watching videos and entertainment. UC Browser’s special mode for this app helps you browse it quite comfortably even when the network connection is weak.

Night Mode: This mode is specially built for those who read a lot on mobile. The mode helps you read more comfortably at night.

UC News App –

UC News app keeps you updated on the happenings around the world. The app covers wide categories including sports, entertainment, tech, business, gadgets, and more. In addition to these categories, the app shows the collection of trending stories as well as offbeat stories. Most importantly it also brings you dedicated updates on special events like Olympics, IPL, ISL and more. That’s not the end! Interestingly, it recommends stories that you like the most.

UC Browser Mini –

UC Browser Mini is a better option for those devices with less storage and power. Being very light, it runs smoothly on any device. Mini Browser has some attractive features like simple interface, gesture control, easy tab view, voice search, among others. While gesture control lets you control your app with gestures, voice search makes browsing easier. Similar to the main app, this too has night mode.

About the Company –

UC Browser APK is developed by UC Mobile Co. Ltd., a subsidiary firm of Chinese technology major Alibaba Groups. The company was set up in 2004 with an intention to provide better mobile browsing experience to the users. Ever since then, the company is in the forefront of mobile browsers giving remarkably better browsing experience to mobile users.